At Inalfa Roof Systems we strive to be an employer of choice

We achieve this status by creating an environment that energizes our people. It is a dynamic environment that helps our employees to realize their full potential through living our Inalfa values.

We invest in long-term careers. We stimulate growth, and encourage self-development. We support a healthy life/work balance.

It is very important for us to provide employees with a pleasant working atmosphere. But it is even more important to maintain this atmosphere together! We want our employees to share a sense of belonging, of camaraderie and the feeling that everyone is appreciated and heard. After all, it’s our spirit that makes the difference!

Inalfa Academy

The Inalfa Academy is a strategic project focussed on global learning activities and training programs at Inalfa Roof Systems worldwide. 

Starting in 2015, the Academy team developed and delivered a post-graduate development program (3 months) that qualifies new Engineers from around the world, to work autonomously in the organization.  The intensive program of 50+ training modules, exposes newly recruited Engineers to “learn by doing” workshops, led by a combination of business, technology, engineering and personal development specialists.  

In the coming years, the Academy scope will expand rapidly to become a corporate university.  The Academy will provide learning offerings aligned to a clear people development process for all employees in the business.  The goal is to ensure that the business has the right people, with the right competences, in the right place at the right time and that changing business capability needs are met.