Our shareholder BHAP

Since July 2011, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (BHAP), is the sole shareholder of Inalfa Roof Systems Group. BHAP is one of the leading automotive parts manufacturers in China. As part of BHAP’s international strategy to expand to the global automotive parts market, the strategic acquisition of Inalfa at that time was to further diversify BHAP’s product portfolio, strengthen its R&D and marketing capabilities as well as its competitiveness.

Beijing Hainachuan Automobile Part Co., Ltd, registered and established in Beijing in January 2008, is an international and comprehensive automotive part enterprise group. The company owns 52 subsidiary enterprises and 16 oversea factories, establishes research and development centers in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, has over 20,000 global employees, and has over 40 whole automobile enterprise customers.

BHAP's main products are built on the concept of modularity, making prospective application researches on new technology fields including intellectualization, lightweight and electrification. Some products with new techniques have been applied onto vehicles, and are well received by the customers. BHAP owns a global advanced quality management system, and lean production system in the global range, masters global topping production flow and engineering technologies, and has reliable development and supply capacity, which covers the whole life cycle of car products.




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