Mission & values

'Inalfa's ambitions on international growth'

The mission of Inalfa Roof Systems is to be the leading global first tier supplier to the automotive roof systems market. In pursuit of this mission, Inalfa Roof Systems will design and manufacture state of the art products utilizing leading edge technology, while remaining a low impact manufacturer to our environment. Inalfa Roof Systems will provide the highest levels of quality and service to its customers and provide competitive wages and benefits together with a safe, clean work environment for its employees. The environmental and occupational health and safety policy is available for stakeholders on request.

Inalfa Roof Systems aims for financial returns to ensure the growth of its business and to satisfy all its stakeholders.

Inalfa Roof Systems Group is aiming to be the preferred partner for roof systems solutions to targeted OEM's by:

  • Strengthen innovation leadership
  • Maximize customer value
  • Excellence in all business values
  • Create a winning team.

In order to become the winner in the roof systems market with the profitability to sustain.


One Inalfa values

'It's our spirit that makes the difference'. This is not just a company slogan, but a state of mind for all Inalfa employees. Their work is guided by four key values: Focus, Respect, Transparency and One Inalfa.


Dedication and commitment to provide quality products.

One Inalfa

Working together towards a common goal regardless of department, unit or region.


Taking care to understand others in order to create a positive work environment.


Open and honest communication without hidden agendas.


In all countries and societies in which we operate, we are determined to act according to our core values. Respect towards people, the environment and the society in which we live and work belong to these Core Values. We honor our values to act according to the Inalfa Code of Conduct, aimed at supporting and guiding our management and employees to achieve this goal. In case you would like to read our Code of Conduct in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Slovak or Polish language, please send an e-mail to noncompliance@Inalfa.com.

Would you like to contact Inalfa and report a non-compliance or complaint based on our policies, we refer to our Speak Up Policy and the Speak up reporting format or you can e-mail noncompliance@inalfa.com. We will guarantee a quick response and full privacy.


Inalfa Roof Systems wants to provide a valuable contribution to society and support where possible initiatives that fit our own organization and identity. We choose therefore for sponsoring projects which confirms that we are socially involved and that fits into the social, sporting and cultural policy in line with our One Inalfa Values. In the attached sponsor policy you can read about our regulation / conditions. At this moment sponsoring is only provided through our Dutch organization. However, feel free to contact the local Inalfa companies as well to see how they can possibly support your initiative.