Global Supplier Day 2014

Like every two years, under the slogan of Quality in the DNA, on 13th November 2014 Inalfa organized its 4th Global Supplier Day in Frankfurt, Germany. 39 suppliers participated, with a total attendance of 110 people.

The speeches that were delivered by a/o our President and CEO (Frank Löschmann) were mainly focused on: 

  • Quality in our DNA, everywhere everyday
  • Our growth phase brings plenty of opportunities for everybody
  • Inalfa will be the winner in the sunroof business
  • Strategical relations with our suppliers
  • Innovation and new production concepts 
  • Manufacturing strategy in line with the global footprint development

The suppliers had the chance to share feedback about different issues like Quality, Innovation and Continuous Improvement in different workshops; points that we have summarized in order to take actions to this regard.

It was really a nice event were we could show our suppliers what we have done during the last two years and what our plans for the future are.

At the end of this interesting day the Global Suppliers Awards were presented to the best performing suppliers from the regions. The winners of this year were:

North America: Hatch

South-Korea: Samwoo

China: Feiyu

Europa: CC Plast

Again… It's our spirit what makes the difference…

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