Front Loaded Operational Excellence

At Inalfa we distinct 4 major building blocks during which value is added to result in a state of the art roof system. These 4 building blocks are:

• Innovation;
• Business Creation;
• Industrialization;
• Operations.

Throughout the complete chain multiple processes are executed, often by cross functional teams, which are all contributing their own specific feature to ensure that at the end the desired roof system solution is being delivered.

The people working at Inalfa are all specialists in their own area of expertise but we clearly distinguish 7 main processes:
• Innovation;
• Business Development;
• Engineering;
• Purchasing;
• Validation;
• Production;
• Quality.

Through the system of Front Loaded Operational Excellence (FLOE) all these processes are controlled, steered and continuously improved. Also included in FLOE is the cultural and awareness aspect of how processes need to be approached to achieve our ultimate goal “to become the winner in our market with the profitability to sustain”.

The LEAN lifestyle is also incorporated within FLOE. We feel these are inextricably bound up with each other. Tools and techniques are not enough. Strategy, Communication and Behaviors are THE key enablers.