Business development

We believe that the only way for long and sustainable success starts with understanding and specifying customer value. Putting the customer central in our decision making is therefore very important.

We have intensive discussions with our customers before a RFQ is received about new technical features and content as well as on production strategies and for instance logistical concepts.  In order to have these discussions, we make use of quantitative and qualitative market data which are used for internal as well as external road mapping.  The external roadmap is constantly under discussion with our customers and forms the basis for our long term plan with a customer. 

With these roadmaps, we can secure our growth path at acceptable margins.  We are the voice of the customer in our internal organization safeguarding the overall customer satisfaction.

The Business Development department consists of approx.  35 highly qualified employees located in all regions in the world and nearby our customer bases.  Given our philosophy of understanding and specifying customer value, it has become clear that all employees contribute to customer value and customer satisfaction. In other words, everybody at Inalfa has a business development role.   

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