Innovation is one of the driving processes of Inalfa Roof Systems Group to steer our growth ambitions and continuous product improvement. The Global Advanced Technology function of Inalfa is centralized at the Venray Headquarters in the Netherlands and is the heart of our innovation process.

A balanced team of experience, creativity and cultural mix works daily on our future through creative product planning, advanced engineering, and knowledge management.

Product Planning is responsible for the long term product strategy which is based on a data driven process with input from OEMs, market trends, consumer research, and supplier innovations leading to creative concepts.

Advanced Engineering develops innovative products based on these creative concepts and product roadmaps and is focused on maximizing customer value. Our modularity strategy drives our development process to reduce technical risks and create maximum cost efficiency. A standardized and modular design with limited variables not only reduces risk on the product side but also leads to standardized process and efficiency in the supply chain. The final execution of this global standardization and modularity control before the release of any technology is mastered by the Technology Specialist who together with our Intellectual Property department safeguards our technology.