Purchasing of systems and parts is an essential activity at Inalfa Roof Systems, in order to continue to be a leading provider of premium roof segment. Inalfa aims to attract suppliers who want to be in business for a long stint, who are already prepared to tackle ordinary automotive challenges such as, competitiveness, quality, innovation and flexibility.

The business environment has significantly changed, and today winning companies are the ones who are flexible and able to prevent, when possible, the rise of new issues, and/or react to changed market condition, while providing systems to the Inalfa plants worldwide with high quality and at a competitive price.

Therefore, selection and management of Inalfa's future partners is mission critical, and the Inalfa Purchasing and Supplier Quality Development associates are trained to explain this vision during business review and extended enterprise sessions.

Inalfa Purchasing is organized in a centralized function  through its International Purchasing Department (IPD) but with decentralized presence, with staff available in all regions where Inalfa operates accounting to approximately 100 employees between Purchasing and Supplier Quality Development. In this way, it can efficiently support the project development and localization activities in close cooperation with R&D and Operation teams worldwide, meanwhile complying with the framework provided from Inalfa Group Strategy.

For more information about our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Inalfa Roof Systems Group.

Please review our Supplier Quality Terms & Conditions, our latest Supplier Logistic Manual and our Supplier Code. For more information about the Global Packaging Dunnage Standards, as part of our Supplier Logistics Manual, we kindly refer to this separate document.