An important part of our product development process is an intensive and thorough validation of the roof systems against the required specifications of the Customer, Legal requirements and the Inalfa Engineering Standards.

During the early design phase, Inalfa uses 3D CAD kinematics and virtual verification methods (CAE) to verify the strength, stiffness and behavior of the roof systems in a vehicle environment. After these virtual analyses, the first proto roofs and the first serial roof systems, built on the production line, are tested in the Validation Center.

This Validation Center is a specially developed Test Laboratory where the robustness of the roof systems are checked under extreme climate conditions, like high-low temperatures, humidity, sun light and corrosion. Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are also part of the product Validation phase to ensure high quality roof systems.

The Validation Center has restricted access and covers a surface of around 1600 m²; equipped with many climate chambers, vibration tables, sound chambers and special areas for Rain simulation, Sun simulation and Corrosion testing.