Roof systems

Inalfa Roof Systems supplies a full range of vehicle roof systems for the global car and truck industry. Below you can find an overview of the different product categories. These roof systems can be assembled both as bottom-loaded systems and as top-loaded systems in a vehicle in the production line of the OEM. A bottom-loaded system is generally bolted to a roof-reinforcement which forms a part of the vehicle, whereas a top-loaded system is glued from above onto the vehicle.

The roof systems from Inalfa can be divided into six categories:


Cooperation with AutomotiveNL resulted in an 3D animation of our roof system in a concept car. 


Service parts & aftermarket sunroofs

Unfortunately Inalfa Roof Systems does not supply any aftermarket parts or roofs directly to the consumer but only supplies genuine parts (roofs and/or service parts) exclusively and directly to the car manufacturers. We are not allowed to distribute any parts directly to third parties, like car dealers or individuals.

In case of repairs, repair instructions or other services to the car, we recommend contacting the official car dealer who is the primary contact to support you solving any issues to a sunroof.